nano-macro reliability lab (nMRL)

Welcome To nano-macro reliability lab @ SUTD!

The mission of our lab focuses on assessment (modeling, characterization, simulation and lifetime prediction) of reliability and degradation phenomena in nano – micro devices ranging from transistors (FinFETs, GAA, 2D electronics), non-volatile memory devices (RRAM, CBRAM, STT-MRAM, FeRAM), ultra-thin electronic packages, Li-ion batteries (Li-B), light emitting diodes (LEDs), power electronic devices (GaN HEMTs) and many other microelectronic components all the way to macro systems that include wind turbines, battery management systems, solar panels and power grids through the use of physics of failure models as well as machine learning techniques for informed and inverse design so as to improve the robustness of these technologies and prolong their lifecycle. The logo of our research team with small and large circles (atoms) symbolizes the exploration of design for reliability initiatives from the nano to the macro level.

about team lead

The nMRL Lab is led by Assistant Professor NAGARAJAN RAGHAVAN (goes by the nickname "Naga") at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) in the Engineering Product Development (EPD) pillar. Prior to joining SUTD as a faculty, Naga was a postdoctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge and at IMEC in Belgium, in joint association with the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL). He obtained his Ph.D. (Microelectronics, 2012) at the Division of Microelectronics, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. His work focuses on prognostics and health management for electromechanical failures, design for reliability, lifecycle management of nanoelectronic devices, physics of failure, optimization of polymer nanocomposites and uncertainty quantification for additive manufacturing. He is the recipient of the IEEE EDS Early Career Award for 2016, Asia-Pacific recipient for the IEEE EDS PhD Student Fellowship in 2011 and the IEEE Reliability Society Graduate Scholarship Award in 2008. To date, he has authored / co-authored more than 240 international peer-reviewed publications and five invited book chapters as well. He served as the General Chair for IEEE IPFA 2020 and 2021 at Singapore and has consistently served on the review committee for various IEEE journals and conferences including IRPS, IIRW, IPFA and ESREF. He is an Associate Editor of the IEEE Access and Microelectronic Engineering journals as well. He is currently a Member of IEEE (2005-present) and was an invited member of the IEEE GOLD committee (2012-2014).

Last updated aug 27, 2022